General Terms of Business

These General Terms of Business (GTB) apply to the provision of services pursuant to a written agreement incorporating these GTB entered into by a Client and weisstaxes

1. Product of Services, Assignment

The product of services is provided solely for the use and information of the Client.

Neither the Client nor weisstaxes shall have the right to assign or transfer the rights and duties under the agreement to a third party without the written consent of the other.

2. Confidential Information

weisstaxes shall comply with the confidentiality standards of its regulatory bodies and Swiss law.

The parties agree to remain silent about any confidential information and documents they obtain during or in connection with the provision of services.

Confidential information can only be disclosed if the client releases weisstaxes from the obligation of secrecy or as far as provisions of Swiss law authorize or require it to do so.

The obligation of secrecy continues even after the termination of the contract.

Correspondence between the parties is based on the usual means of communication such as telephone, electronic or normal mail. Ensuring the correct transmission or receipt of data is the sole responsibility of each party.

3. Industrial Rights

Any copy rights or other industrial rights existing in the product of services belong to weisstaxes. weisstaxes grants to the Client for an unlimited period of time non-transferable and non-exclusive rights to exploit the product of services for its own use.

4. Fees

weisstaxes shall render invoices at regular intervals in respect of fees and expenses (including Value Added Tax in the amount provided for by law), which shall be payable within 30 days of the invoice date.

In addition, weisstaxes may charge a flat rate of 4% of the agreed fee to cover its costs for the printing and delivery of the documents by normal mail.

5. Client’s Duties to cooperate, inspect and notify complaints

The Client shall provide weisstaxes promptly and without special request with all documents and information necessary for the provision of the services. weisstaxes may assume that the information and documents submitted are complete and accurate.

The Client is to review the product of services promptly upon receipt and to inform weisstaxes within 10 days of such review of any complaint relating to it. In the event of a justified complaint, weisstaxes will so far as is appropriate and reasonable amend the product of services at its own expense.

6. Communication

weisstaxes may communicate without encryption with the Client, if nothing else is agreed, by electronic mail. The tax documents will be stored in a secure databox with password protection. Upon request, the documents (tax returns, tax bills and other correspondence) will be sent by normal mail. In this case, the administrative fee mentioned in point 4 will be charged additionally.

7. Data Back-up / Data Archiving

The data will be stored electronically. The entire IT infrastructure and all data centers are located in Switzerland under “state of the art” security standards. If the Client delivers original documents, these will be scanned and returned by normal mail with costs. weisstaxes is keeping originals on explicit request only.

8. Limitation of Liability

The liability of weisstaxes to the Client under the agreement is hereby limited in total to a maximum of one time the agreed fees owed by the Client to weisstaxes. This limitation applies to all types of damage, except unlawful intent or gross negligence, no matter whether the damage is caused by weisstaxes or an auxiliary person of weisstaxes.

9. Termination

The Client or weisstaxes can terminate the Agreement by giving 30 days’ prior notice in writing to the other at any time. In the event of material cause the Client or weisstaxes may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect.

10. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These General Terms of Business and the Agreement are subject to and governed by substantive Swiss law. All disputes arising from this agreement, the parties agree that the place of jurisdiction is the domicile of weisstaxes.