What we do

Our services

Swiss tax returns for individuals

  • Preparation of Swiss tax returns (all cantons)
  • Reviewing of tax bills / assessments
  • Representation in front of tax authorities
  • Appeals against Swiss tax assessments

International tax matters

  • Arriving to and leaving Switzerland during the year
  • Avoidance of double taxation
  • International allocation / credit claiming
  • International coordination of complex cases

Special cases

  • Real estate: property gains tax return
  • Donation / inheritance tax: inheritance and gift tax returns
  • Voluntary disclosure programs and criminal tax proceedings
  • Tax rulings for lump-sum taxation
  • Deaths: part-year tax returns for both spouses

Source tax matters

  • Withholding tax corrections: what is the procedure / deadlines?
  • New Withholding Tax Act 2021: What are the consequences for people subject to withholding tax? What are (new) opportunities?
  • Quasi-residency status: Who can claim to be quasi resident?
  • One-in-a-life-time option for filing a tax return, although earning less than CHF 120K p.a.: When to do this? Risks?

Tax advice / Tax planning

  • Tax planning and tax calculations for all situations
  • Structuring of severance payments
  • Retirement: Tax optimization when withdrawing pension funds